She gently kept her head on my shoulder
And suddenly, all my wounds were healed
The warm blissfulness of the feeling
that this wandering heart could be
someone’s home, made me
smile endlessly.

From sunrise till twilight.

“Hey, Lisa”
“Hey, William”

I haven’t seen you in a while,” he said looking in her eyes.

Yeah, last few days have been crazy. There was a friend’s birthday party, then we had a sleepover. Got drunk and slept for like 20 hours,” she said excitedly, delving into nostalgia already.

William smiled along. “Sounds great.”

What have you been upto?” Lisa asked while they sat on the park bench. Their usual meeting place.

Ah, nothing much,” he replied hesitantly, knowing how utterly boring he must sound. “Just watched some movies and wrote as usual.”

I wanna hear it,” Lisa said.

William looked down. “Na it’s just rubbish. It’s not even the final draft. Forget it”

C’mon William, you know I’m a fan of your poetry.”

He hesitated a bit. “Alright,” he said while taking out a diary from his backpack which he carried around everywhere. An odd yet old habit.
Here it goes..”

From sunrise till twilight
Eyes wide awake, searching for the sight
The sight of her, a dream of love
A smile as pure as a drop of rain from above
Sent into my world
At times she doesn’t feel real
Just a figment of my words
But then she meets me in the garden
Amidst the falling leaves and the gentle breeze
A beautiful bond like Adam and Eve
Time just freeze when I’m with her
Wishing the moment never wither
So we could stay there till infinity
Covered in sunlight and white lilies
Gently forgetting ourselves in each other
Like two pretty shades of radiant colours
Painting the marvelous horizon
But the day ends and she walks back
In her own little world
And all my little heart can do
Is wait and ache, and wait and ache
With eyes wide awake
searching for her sight
From sunrise till twilight.”

Lisa sighed with amazement.
“This is beyond incredible. I love it.”

William blushed.

So who’s this girl, huh?” Lisa asked jokingly.
I know it’s definitely for someone. “

No, it’s not. It’s just romantic imagination you know..and I won’t tell you anyway,” he said, mocking her back.

Fine, don’t tell me,” Lisa said rolling her eyes. “Well, whoever she is, she sounds gorgeous.”

William smiled again, his heart racing.

Yeah, she is,” he whispered under his breath.

Make a better world with your presence.

We don’t always get what we deserve
Life isn’t a straight road, it’s full of curves
But it doesn’t mean you have to drink the chaos
And let the venom run through your nerves
There’s always a yin to a yang
There’s always light to conquer the darkness
Always a choice to open the door to negativity
Or let it stand outside in the winter coldness
Our mindset affect our actions
Our actions affect our emotions
If we correct our mindset first
Only then we can heal what’s broken
Don’t let your dark thoughts manipulate you
Into projecting fears that aren’t even true
Stop doubting your own skills and strength
And wishing to turn into something entirely new
Rather work on yourself and build courage
To accept your flaws and imperfections
That’s when you’ll improve your perception
That’s when you’ll move in a better direction
Surround yourself with good people
Love them with all your heart
And don’t hesitate to tell
the toxic ones to move apart
All they’ll do is stand in your way
like a wall and wish for your downfall
Your uniqueness is your power
Your individuality is your strength
Express kindness and acceptance
And make a better world with your presence.

Some days words don’t arrive easy.

Staring at a blank sheet
My mind went blank
I dropped the pen from my hand
Some days words don’t arrive easy
I have to beg them to take away these dark
unwanted thoughts and free me
I roam around looking for inspiration
Something to take away this deadpan suffocation
Something to ignite the poetic imagination
Insanity keeps surging, I’m losing my patience
All I see around me is death and decay
A world so dull, rotten and gray
Like a graveyard at display
Thoughts begin to disarray
Life’s so disoriented and strange
It gives you a false sense of happiness
Then pushes everything out of your range
And I keep getting ambushed by changes
Rearranging my persona like the moon’s phases
It gets hard to breathe, I feel locked inside cages
My feelings are no different than empty pages
I’m grasping on to dying dreams
I’m holding on to falling hopes
But the warrior inside me is breaking down
And victory seems like an alluring hoax.

Become fearless.

We’re fragile creatures, aren’t we? We spend our entire lives living in fear. Fear of loneliness, fear of rejection, fear of change, fear of heartbreak, fear of our parents, fear of society, fear of finance, fear of responsibilities and burdens, fear of failure, fear of today, fear of the future, fear of death, fear of life. Fear dictates our decisions and our choices. Our movements, our words, our world. Controlling our every step like we’re it’s puppets. Trapping us in our own minds like prisoners. Fear is the dark ruler of our hearts.

But, how long do we let it enslave us? When will we break the chains and take back the command? Now is the time, I’d say. Stop living in fear. You’re stronger than your fears. You have the strength to accomplish impossibilities. The truth is, no one knows what’s gonna happen tomorrow or even in the next second. Everyday brings it’s own uncertainties as well as possibilities. It’s okay to be afraid, we all are. It’ll take time to become better, we need to dismantle our fears step by step by doing things we’ve been longing to do. That’s how we shall conquer it.

So be courageous, be wild, take risks, make mistakes in life. Build memories, create stories. Take the steering wheel while fear whines in the backseat. Let it whine. You go out there and dream the greatest dreams you can dream.
Shine in your brightest light.

Become fearless.

Maybe life itself is just a dream.

Sometimes I look at the moon and get lost in it’s beauty
It doesn’t feel real, it feels like a dream
Maybe life itself is just a dream
We keep going round and round in circles
Stuck inside an endless loop
Before birth we exist in the unknown
Then we come into this world
We live, we whine, we taste some wines,
we build, we break, we fall in love, fall out of love,
we walk in the rain, cherish fragrance of a few flowers,
we make promises, we break promises,
then we get old, become hopeless and helpless,
hold hands with loneliness,
die and go back into the unknown
One moment we are at one place
Next moment we are somewhere else
All strangers in a strange planet
Knowing nothing about the world or ourselves
Travelling from one home to another
Places change, faces change
But deep down everything remains the same
As a child we shed tears,
deeply saddened cause we
misplaced our favourite toy
Searching in the cupboard, below the bed
We keep searching and searching
in the hope that we’ll find it again.
As adults we shed tears,
deeply saddened cause we
misplaced our happiness
We keep searching and searching
in the hope that we’ll find it again.

Perhaps someday it’ll return.

Everything we ever lost eventually
meets us again, while we dream.

Twilight Blue.

Her smile was like a shadow in the night
Forgotten with the time, faded with the light
She lies on the cold grass, looking at the moon
Her eyes storms her pain, showering monsoon
The face in the mirror, showcasing terror
Watching a radiant soul slowly being ruined
It’s a curse to feel so deeply in such a numb world
Her misery echoed through the windows but no one heard
Love fleeing from it’s nest like a frightened bird
An exhausted mind dreaming dreams so utterly blurred
Pain stings like a needle, the hurt isn’t new
She’s trying to forget faces which were never true
Her heart, once a vibrant canvas full of hues,
was now buried in her chest, bleeding twilight blue.


Solace slowly melting like plastic
Tears flowing silently, an old habit
Too afraid of closing my eyelids
And entering the palace of panic.

Sitting under a tree in mid June
Waiting to see the face of the sweet moon
It knows me better than anyone ever will
My heart sings and it understands the tune.

An old shattered mirror lying on the floor
All hidden secrets flowing from it’s core
A thousand small reflections of my face in the pieces
Every broken thing wishes to be whole like before.

There’s a presence of emptiness in the air
It calmly settles down like a dusty layer
Decaying the life of everything with it’s touch
That emptiness has made it’s home in me somewhere.

Express yourself.

Sometimes we hurt within ourselves. We feel the pain burning us from the inside, yet we don’t know the cause. We blame ourselves for feeling so weak. So vulnerable. But the blames hurt us even more. We can’t heal a wound we can’t see. Then it becomes essential to close your eyes and delve within yourself. See the root of the problem.

The pain we hold within spreads across like venom. And it’ll keep killing us until we let it out and let it go. The only solution is to express yourself. Find a page and scribble your pain. Scream if you have to, just let it out. Cry if you have to, let the tears flow the misery you’ve hidden for so long. Be a complete mess once in a while. Embrace your broken feelings.

Only through expressing, you can open the pathway of healing.

Only you own your life.

I hate people who say you should live like this or live like that. Always telling us how we should behave, how we should make our choices, how we should think, how we should dress, how we should exist. Dismantling our persona and rearranging it according to their own taste, like we’re their puppets and they are our master.

They believe only they are living their lives so damn perfectly and others are just wandering around like lost fools. But the truth is, life is a unique experience for everybody. Everyone has a different journey.
Everyone has a different story.

Nobody needs to be perfect. We make mistakes and we learn through those mistakes. That’s how we grow. That’s the beauty of imperfections. Experience life your way and don’t listen to anybody else. Don’t let anyone play God in your life and rewrite your story. You fill the chapters yourself.

Only you own your life and nobody else.