Let’s try and make a better world.

Tenderness of a poet
And a fighter’s rage
is what I pour down
when I’m filling the page
Poetry is an escape
An escape from the cage
An escape from the hate
That I have for myself and society
Who holds its head so mighty
Slitting our throats slightly
Taking away our freedom quietly
And I try to turn a blind eye
But everywhere I look is bloodshed and chaos
Injustice join forces and it’s the
helpless they prey on
Purest hearts broken like crayons
And I don’t expect a perfect world
Don’t live in that confusion
I perfectly know ‘perfect’ is an illusion
I just want humanity to show some humanity
And be kind to each other for once
Rather than hunting each other
like animals for lunch
Let’s try and make a better world
for our daughters and sons
Who shall know generosity, love and peace
Not wars, violence and guns.

Where are you supposed to go?

When there’s a hell ablaze inside your head
When every moment is spent drowning in dread
When your body collapses on a worn out bed
Where are you supposed to go?

When misery becomes your only friend
When your broken heart refuses to mend
When the path you’re walking meets a dead-end
Where are you supposed to go?

When the people you loved, never returned
When the dreams you dreamed are torn and burned
When the emptiness in your room is all you’ve earned
Where are you supposed to go?

And when the reaper lays a gentle kiss
When the sky begins to bathe in eclipse
When your soul is slipping towards the abyss
Where are you supposed to go?

You deserve someone better than me.

you deserve a heart
that will love you completely,
not the one that is
already broken.

you deserve eyes that
will make you feel special,
not the ones that are
full of tears.

you deserve hands
that will make you feel warm,
not the ones that are
filled with scars.

you deserve someone
who makes you happy,
not the one that’s only
gonna bring hurt along.

it kills me to say this
but you deserve someone
better than me.


Our hearts want the world at our hands
We often forget we are mere mortals
Dreaming such grandeur dreams
While we aren’t even the masters of our own life
We want to control everything so obsessively
Like power will provide comfort to the mind
All the rage, the anger, the bloodshed, the cruelty
Causing wars and spreading horrors
Diminishing the very meaning of the word ‘humanity’
We get so selfish with our own motives and legacy
That we stomp upon the weak just so we can stand tall enough
Not understanding how we are similar to just a dust particle, in the eyes of the universe
What is a lifetime to us is a second to the cosmos
But that doesn’t mean our lives are absolutely meaningless
But it should provide a sense of humility
Knowing that our time is limited in this place
And we are blessed with gifts of nature
That shall be shared and distributed equally
That our connection to each other is as important
As the relation between the sun, moon and the earth
That we are gifted with empathy so we take care of each other
Not destroy each others home
But build a place where everyone breathes freely
Only by helping others grow can we truly have a sense of satisfaction
That we haven’t wasted our time here
And that’s enough to create a meaningful life.

Follow your heart.

Follow your heart. It will take you on the most unexpected journeys. Be passionate and adventurous. Go through doors you were the most afraid to go through. And regret nothing. Because even though some moments will be hurtful, they will teach you about the unbelievable strength you carry within.


My tears only need a slight reason to fall
They are not precious anymore
I don’t save them for the best days
I just pour them into a cup and
drink my sadness away
This heart has become a burden
It’s too heavy for me to carry
All the pain I’ve dissolved within
Is now singing like a canary
I sit alone in my garden
Watching the flowers bloom and decay
And my soul aches as it remembers
How it radiantly bloomed only to turn ash gray
There’s nothing left of me in myself
This body is just an old rotten shell
And within it is a beaten heart that has nothing
but a few miserable stories to tell
Which will eventually be forgotten
As time moves ahead in it’s unstoppable train
All these memories will disappear into the wind
Never to be held or felt ever again.

Dear Artists…

To the painters, musicians, writers, artists in this world. You are worthy. You matter more than you know. The world needs artists. It needs art. Or else it will crumble down to bits. Art is one of the pillars that holds this world together.

But dear Artists, it won’t be easy. Won’t be easy at all. Your dreams will get mocked, your path will be questioned, your hopes will be crushed by minds who don’t yet understand the beauty of your creation. They’ll tell you who to be, they’ll force you to change your direction or they’ll shove their own dreams on your shoulders. And sometimes it gets difficult to fight back cause you don’t wanna hurt those people. Deep down you know they’re pushing you towards a safer path, a safer job, a manageable salary. But they don’t realise that they’re forcing you into a race you don’t wanna run. They don’t realise that they are killing a dream. Let them speak. Let them mock. But dear artists, don’t get knocked down. Use their doubt, their fearfulness, their inability to understand, as your fire. Put it in your art. Flourish it into a thing of beauty.

I won’t lie to you. You’ll get hurt. You’ll be rejected. You’ll start doubting yourself. You’ll start questioning your skills. But keep going. That’s the only way. Through the storms, through the flames, through the mighty rivers, through darkness and light, just keep going. Your art is precious. It’s needed. Your art will save more dreams, it’ll save more hearts from breaking, and provide comfort to the damaged ones.

Dear Artists, paint this world in your art.





My debut poetry book ‘Wandering Amidst The Shadows’ is out now. Click here to grab your copy.


I always feel like I’m not doing enough with my life
I really wanna live, not just be a slave to survive
I’ve been listening too much to the voices in my mind
They tell me I’m born to fall, that I’ll never survive the fight
But my will is still strong, passion becomes my guide
I’m gonna build a legacy out of what’s left
Clean up my mess and get my path right
I’ve been burning down in the depths of hell for so long
Now it’s time for me to rise and reach a new height
I’m gonna run straight through the jarring storms
And fly above the clouds like a fearless kite
It’s time for misery to surrender
It’s time for darkness to go out of sight
It’s time for hurdles to shatter
It’s time for me to shine in the glorious light

Shine in the glorious light.





My debut poetry book ‘Wandering Amidst The Shadows’ is out now. Click here to grab your copy.