I always feel like I’m not doing enough with my life
I really wanna live, not just be a slave to survive
I’ve been listening too much to the voices in my mind
They tell me I’m born to fall, that I’ll never survive the fight
But my will is still strong, passion becomes my guide
I’m gonna build a legacy out of what’s left
Clean up my mess and get my path right
I’ve been burning down in the depths of hell for so long
Now it’s time for me to rise and reach a new height
I’m gonna run straight through the jarring storms
And fly above the clouds like a fearless kite
It’s time for misery to surrender
It’s time for darkness to go out of sight
It’s time for hurdles to shatter
It’s time for me to shine in the glorious light

Shine in the glorious light.





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I still search for you.

I still search for you in places we used to travel
Whenever I drive through
I still wanna know what’s happening in your life
Even though I got no right to
I know we ended things on a low note
And I should despise you
Instead I need you more than ever
Wish we could see eye to eye
And end our issues together
Rather than ending what we had
That decision wasn’t any better
I really felt like you’re the one
Cause you understood me like no one did
We both grew up with parental issues
Got bullied in school, such messed up kids
But since then we had each other’s back
Taking the knife to our chest
Whenever the other was stabbed
And we found peace in love
Could’ve never imagined that
You really came as a saviour
Helping me belong to where I’m at
Truth is I can never hate you
No matter how much we argue
We are not perfect babe
Flaws carry more value
We’re growing up as people
We still have a lot to learn
I hope we can correct our mistakes
Before all the bridges burn.





My debut poetry book ‘Wandering Amidst The Shadows’ is out now. Click here to grab your copy.

Just got my first tattoo!

Just got the first tattoo of my life! It feels great. Damn what an epic experience. I was always afraid of getting a tattoo because I thought it would be extremely painful. But everything went so smoothly. I got ‘fearless’ tattooed on my wrist as it was the first thing that came to my mind and it made sense as well. I got ‘fearless’ not because I consider myself fearless but because I’m afraid of a lot of things and I’ve missed out a lot on life because of that. So this tattoo will inspire me to be brave, take more chances and remind me that fear can be controlled rather than it controlling us. Cheers šŸ„‚


Blank I stare into the world
Not knowing my place in it
Not knowing the correct behaviour patterns
Oblivious to the obtaining stimulus
Like an empty canvas, dreamless yet unawake
Like a robot who was just created yesterday
Untouched by emotions, cold and apathetic
I roam around faceless and unidentifiedĀ 
My eyes stare into the gloom
I laugh when I hear laughter
I cry when I see tears falling
Like a mirror just returning the reflection
With no reflection of its own
With no heart of its own
Maybe there was a heart once
Which used to beat for joy, for passion,
for wilderness, for friendship, for love
But now it has departed
Replaced by a silence that is too loud to bear
Corroding everything from within
Until nothing remains but a hollow puppet
Who laughs and cries and breathes
Mimicking the strings of every character it greets
Just so it can lie to itself
That its still a part of this world
That it still matters.





My debut poetry book ‘Wandering Amidst The Shadows’ is out now. Click here to grab your copy.

Little moments make life a little better.


It’s complicated, right?

It’s like a game you’re thrown into without instructions or a rulebook and just told to play along.

Obviously it’ll be extremely difficult.

But there are simple moments which makes life better. Simple moments which puts a smile on your face.

Like for me…

Life becomes better when I surprisingly find some cookies to eat with my hot chocolate.

Life becomes better when NF, Billie Eilish or Twenty One Pilots suddenly drop a song or an album out of nowhere.

Life becomes better when a friend suddenly appears outside my house, and we both go for a drive around the city.

Life becomes better when my favourite character in a netflix series finally get the happiness they deserve.

Life becomes better when I think of a joke on the spot and it makes everyone laugh hysterically.

Life becomes better when people tell me they relate to my words and shower love for my poems.

All this makes life a little better. And that’s enough to put a smile on my face.

Look around for such moments. I’m sure they won’t be hard to find. Sometimes little moments leave behind the brightest sparkles of happiness.





My debut poetry book ‘Wandering Amidst The Shadows’ is out now. Click here to grab your copy.

Focus on your goals.

There’s so much noise, so much chaos in this world that if you keep focusing on it, you’ll go deaf. It’s a circus out there. You need to focus on what you truly want and shut out rest of the mayhem. Cut off the extra bullshit. Cut off with the people who try to drag you down. Concentrate. Focus your energy on your work, on your art and the people you care about. And soon the background noise will eventually fade away and you’ll see the path clearly ahead.


A prisoner of my own mind
I sit alone in my room and laugh sometimes
Laugh like a maniac
I laugh when I want to cry
Liked by all, loved by none
That’s my life
Always good but never enough
That’s my misery
My heart is drinking poison day and night
Every moment it’s dying a little
An unsavable mess
That’s what I call myself in my head
I feel too much or remain completely numb
I think too much or go entirely blank
I love too much or not at all
I live too much or not even once
I die too much
gently wait for it.

We all fail sometimes.

Sometimes when you fail, you don’t need lectures from your parents or comparisons to other kids who are more successful than you. You don’t need to hear taunts from your relatives or your so called friends mocking you for it. You don’t need to change your behavior or your attitude towards life. You don’t need to torture yourself into working harder until your body finally collapses.

Sometimes when you fail, all you need is someone who tells you that we all fuck up in our lives. Life doesn’t come with rules or instructions and while trying new things, you are bound to fail. You are bound to make bad decisions because you’ve never made those decisions before. You are bound to feel lost because you’re going through an experience that’s happening both outside and inside you. And that’s life. It’s not perfect, it’s a messed up existence that we go through and that’s how we grow. As simple as that. So don’t worry, cheer up, things will work out eventually.

Destruction of Humanity.

And history repeats itself
Men with power consider themselves as Gods
Proudly flaunting weapons of mass destruction
They rage wars so thoughtlessly
Tongues used to only spew venom
Hands used to only take lives
Soldiers sent to bathe in blood
Once again the bullets will pierce the flesh
Once again the tears will fall
Once again families will die
And all for nothing
Human lives deemed so meaningless
They’ll come with their big boots
And step over innocence like ants
Gutters will fill with blood
Bodies will decay on the streets
Yet man won’t learn
That war brings only one thing along
Destruction of humanity.

Buried dreams.

A dreamer. A creative little boy. An architect of wonders. A born artist.

“Look Father, I made a painting.”

“That painting won’t earn you a penny,” said his father mockingly.

A little sparkle faded from the boy’s bright eyes.

A few days later he went back to his father.

“Look Father, I wrote a poem.”

“Writing poems won’t help you buy a house son. Go focus on your studies.”

More sparkles disappeared from the boy’s shining eyes.

He again went back to his father.

“Look Father, I built a little ship from the tree wood.”

“Building toy ships won’t help you buy a car in the future.”

Fading sparkles all around, still a little glimmer of hope remained.

“Look Father, I made a you little bracelet with beads and a string,” the boy said with a hesitant voice.

His father was slightly angry now. “Son, I told you these useless hobbies of yours won’t take you anywhere in life. You should start thinking about your future and how you’re gonna earn good money. Always remember, if you earn good, people will respect you and you’ll always be equal in society.”

With dim blurry eyes the boy stood. His imagination now a dark void, his gifts now a curse upon him.

He stopped painting, writing, building wonders.

The boy grew up and started working in a bank. His life now trapped in a 4Ɨ4 cubicle.

“Look Father, I earned a good salary and got a promotion.”

“I’m proud of you. It’s good seeing you accomplish your dreams,” said his father with a strong voice.

The son lowered his eyes.

“What’s wrong, boy?”

“I don’t dream,” the son replied.