Our hearts want the world at our hands
We often forget we are mere mortals
Dreaming such grandeur dreams
While we aren’t even the masters of our own life
We want to control everything so obsessively
Like power will provide comfort to the mind
All the rage, the anger, the bloodshed, the cruelty
Causing wars and spreading horrors
Diminishing the very meaning of the word ‘humanity’
We get so selfish with our own motives and legacy
That we stomp upon the weak just so we can stand tall enough
Not understanding how we are similar to just a dust particle, in the eyes of the universe
What is a lifetime to us is a second to the cosmos
But that doesn’t mean our lives are absolutely meaningless
But it should provide a sense of humility
Knowing that our time is limited in this place
And we are blessed with gifts of nature
That shall be shared and distributed equally
That our connection to each other is as important
As the relation between the sun, moon and the earth
That we are gifted with empathy so we take care of each other
Not destroy each others home
But build a place where everyone breathes freely
Only by helping others grow can we truly have a sense of satisfaction
That we haven’t wasted our time here
And that’s enough to create a meaningful life.

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