Dear Artists…

To the painters, musicians, writers, artists in this world. You are worthy. You matter more than you know. The world needs artists. It needs art. Or else it will crumble down to bits. Art is one of the pillars that holds this world together.

But dear Artists, it won’t be easy. Won’t be easy at all. Your dreams will get mocked, your path will be questioned, your hopes will be crushed by minds who don’t yet understand the beauty of your creation. They’ll tell you who to be, they’ll force you to change your direction or they’ll shove their own dreams on your shoulders. And sometimes it gets difficult to fight back cause you don’t wanna hurt those people. Deep down you know they’re pushing you towards a safer path, a safer job, a manageable salary. But they don’t realise that they’re forcing you into a race you don’t wanna run. They don’t realise that they are killing a dream. Let them speak. Let them mock. But dear artists, don’t get knocked down. Use their doubt, their fearfulness, their inability to understand, as your fire. Put it in your art. Flourish it into a thing of beauty.

I won’t lie to you. You’ll get hurt. You’ll be rejected. You’ll start doubting yourself. You’ll start questioning your skills. But keep going. That’s the only way. Through the storms, through the flames, through the mighty rivers, through darkness and light, just keep going. Your art is precious. It’s needed. Your art will save more dreams, it’ll save more hearts from breaking, and provide comfort to the damaged ones.

Dear Artists, paint this world in your art.





My debut poetry book ‘Wandering Amidst The Shadows’ is out now. Click here to grab your copy.

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