I still search for you.

I still search for you in places we used to travel
Whenever I drive through
I still wanna know what’s happening in your life
Even though I got no right to
I know we ended things on a low note
And I should despise you
Instead I need you more than ever
Wish we could see eye to eye
And end our issues together
Rather than ending what we had
That decision wasn’t any better
I really felt like you’re the one
Cause you understood me like no one did
We both grew up with parental issues
Got bullied in school, such messed up kids
But since then we had each other’s back
Taking the knife to our chest
Whenever the other was stabbed
And we found peace in love
Could’ve never imagined that
You really came as a saviour
Helping me belong to where I’m at
Truth is I can never hate you
No matter how much we argue
We are not perfect babe
Flaws carry more value
We’re growing up as people
We still have a lot to learn
I hope we can correct our mistakes
Before all the bridges burn.





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