Buried under my thoughts
Sometimes it gets hard to breathe
And I get tired of trying to escape
That I give up and sleep underneath
Love feels like a stranger
Sitting on the opposite seat
I offer it my heart on a silver platter
But, what good is a heart that doesn’t beat?
There’s a fire burning within
Carrying hell under my skin
A war I have to fight on my own
A war that I might never win
The future seems like a terrifying place
But the present isn’t better nor was the past
All the burdens and regrets stay for so long
But all the good times run away so fast
The ceiling is beginning to shatter and fall
I feel like I’m living in a house of glass
I can try and save everything I hold close
But it’ll all turn to dust as nothing’s ever gonna last
So I let the apocalypse shower upon my flesh
Tearing apart the limbs and bones
Been destroyed so many times
that now devastation feels like home.

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