I don’t want any part of your world
Just let me have some of my own
Let me decorate it with happiness
And water the roses I’ve grown
Leave my little world alone
Don’t corrupt it with your hatred
Don’t touch it with your sinful hands, it’s sacred
Your world for me was so dreadful
It killed my heart, so I got separated
And created this peaceful palace
Where I can shed my layers and walk naked
Here I don’t need to hide from judgemental eyes
Here, there’s only purity and no whirlpool of lies
Here there’s pink skies and the rainbow shines
Radiant horizon and even brighter smiles
Kindness lives freely and honesty never dies
There’s no caste, no creed, no rich or poor
Here everyone lives in harmony
There’s no hate, no jealously, no harshness or cruelty
Just a breeze of peacefulness and serenity
Here everyone’s an artist in their heart
Spreading joy is their one true purpose
Everyone appreciates each other genuinely
And nobody is treated as worthless
I know this world isn’t real
It’s just a world of my make-believe
But I like staying here in this fairytale
Even if it’s all just a hopeless dream.

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