Happy Friendship Day (A poem I wrote for my friends)

I don’t know how this will go
I’ve never written a poem like this before
A poem on friendship, a poem for friends
I’ve never really had friends as pure as raindrops before
Only a few clouds who went along with time
Friends that were never really mine
I was the world’s lonely child
Sleepless nights, at nights I cried
The love for wanting to be loved died
Beside, who need friends?
Such a lie I told myself
But my chest ached for a true friend
Hand me a hand or hand me my end
Until one day the sun shined
I saw the rainbow, I was no longer blind
There were four beautiful colours
Smiling such a pretty smile
I felt life glowing in me for a while
From that day till now I swear
It feels like a dream or a movie
Moments sweeter than cotton candies
Memories prettier than the rarest black rose
Memories I’ll always hold close
I wish time just froze
And we could just get stuck in this moment for eternity
Wish we could hold hands and walk through parks till infinity
I use to wake up wanting the day to end
Now I wake up wishing the day never ends
From hi, hello, handshakes, okay bye
To sharing tiffins, to hugs, to never wanting to say goodbye
My skies just brightens when you all call me such nice things
Things I would smile upon all day,
Things that make the hurt go away
Too many feelings, I even lack the words to say
I won’t even open my eyes, if I don’t see you all everyday
I don’t need Gods to pray,
If there are angels in my life to stay
I know there are hands to hold me
To catch me if I fall
I promise I’ll be there for you
All it takes is just one call
I don’t need friendship day or Valentines
To tell how much I love you all
These words are all I have, but even they can’t describe my love
That’s how much I love you all.

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