From sunrise till twilight.

“Hey, Lisa”
“Hey, William”

I haven’t seen you in a while,” he said looking in her eyes.

Yeah, last few days have been crazy. There was a friend’s birthday party, then we had a sleepover. Got drunk and slept for like 20 hours,” she said excitedly, delving into nostalgia already.

William smiled along. “Sounds great.”

What have you been upto?” Lisa asked while they sat on the park bench. Their usual meeting place.

Ah, nothing much,” he replied hesitantly, knowing how utterly boring he must sound. “Just watched some movies and wrote as usual.”

I wanna hear it,” Lisa said.

William looked down. “Na it’s just rubbish. It’s not even the final draft. Forget it”

C’mon William, you know I’m a fan of your poetry.”

He hesitated a bit. “Alright,” he said while taking out a diary from his backpack which he carried around everywhere. An odd yet old habit.
Here it goes..”

From sunrise till twilight
Eyes wide awake, searching for the sight
The sight of her, a dream of love
A smile as pure as a drop of rain from above
Sent into my world
At times she doesn’t feel real
Just a figment of my words
But then she meets me in the garden
Amidst the falling leaves and the gentle breeze
A beautiful bond like Adam and Eve
Time just freeze when I’m with her
Wishing the moment never wither
So we could stay there till infinity
Covered in sunlight and white lilies
Gently forgetting ourselves in each other
Like two pretty shades of radiant colours
Painting the marvelous horizon
But the day ends and she walks back
In her own little world
And all my little heart can do
Is wait and ache, and wait and ache
With eyes wide awake
searching for her sight
From sunrise till twilight.”

Lisa sighed with amazement.
“This is beyond incredible. I love it.”

William blushed.

So who’s this girl, huh?” Lisa asked jokingly.
I know it’s definitely for someone. “

No, it’s not. It’s just romantic imagination you know..and I won’t tell you anyway,” he said, mocking her back.

Fine, don’t tell me,” Lisa said rolling her eyes. “Well, whoever she is, she sounds gorgeous.”

William smiled again, his heart racing.

Yeah, she is,” he whispered under his breath.

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