Make a better world with your presence.

We don’t always get what we deserve
Life isn’t a straight road, it’s full of curves
But it doesn’t mean you have to drink the chaos
And let the venom run through your nerves
There’s always a yin to a yang
There’s always light to conquer the darkness
Always a choice to open the door to negativity
Or let it stand outside in the winter coldness
Our mindset affect our actions
Our actions affect our emotions
If we correct our mindset first
Only then we can heal what’s broken
Don’t let your dark thoughts manipulate you
Into projecting fears that aren’t even true
Stop doubting your own skills and strength
And wishing to turn into something entirely new
Rather work on yourself and build courage
To accept your flaws and imperfections
That’s when you’ll improve your perception
That’s when you’ll move in a better direction
Surround yourself with good people
Love them with all your heart
And don’t hesitate to tell
the toxic ones to move apart
All they’ll do is stand in your way
like a wall and wish for your downfall
Your uniqueness is your power
Your individuality is your strength
Express kindness and acceptance
And make a better world with your presence.

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