Why is the world so lonely?

Why is it so silent?

Why is it so hollow?

Why is the only sound that

can be heard is of

hearts breaking?


Strange Paths

I often walk down strange paths

Hoping to reach a different door

But all the roads I’ve went along

Leads me back to the same home

I’ve tried to escape for so long

I know you shouldn’t just turn your back

And run away when something’s wrong

And for all I’ve suffered, I’ve bled,

I’ve bruised yet I stand, I know I’m strong

I am not looking for a savior

I wanna fight my own demons

But they still remain undefeated

And after all the battles and wars

They become more conceited

And I lay there broken into pieces

I pick myself up, then I crash back down

My body collapsed to the ground

And I’m tired of falling

For these scars forever lasts

I try to hide, going out of sight

By walking strange paths

But they all lead me back to the same home

That I’ve tried to escape for so long.

A Story Left Behind

You got betrayed too many times. You got left too many times. You cried too many nights. The pain shattered you too many times. Your heart ached too many times. And when you finally found love, you thought it’s an illusion and you left when you should have stayed, thinking it’s gonna be a lie again. It’s not really your fault. The world broke you, that’s what it does to lovers. We were meant to be but we just couldn’t be. A few tales have a happy ending, rest meet tragic ends. And ours is now just a story left behind.


You were nothing
but just a dream.
A mirage in an empty desert.
Our love was nothing
but just a beautiful fantasy.
We were two souls
with forgotten dreams
and broken hearts,
who were lost in a wonderland
made of shining stars
and colorful rainbows.
We stared at each other,
our eyes filled with pain,
yet we smiled as we
knew it was our time.
We were together
and in love.
With tears I woke,
realizing that
it’s all gone.
That it was just a
delusional fairytale.
A once upon a time

A beautiful lie.

Which one should I believe?

You have a smile on your lips, but I see pain in your eyes.

Which one should I believe?

You say pretty words, but they all sound like lies.

Which one should I believe?

You say you miss me, but don’t pick up my calls.

Which one should I believe?

You say you’re happy, but still bang your fists on the walls.

Which one should I believe?

You say you trust me, but all you give me is your silence.

Which one should I believe?

You say you’ll never hurt me, but then you express your violence.

Which one should I believe?

You say I filled your life with colours, but your voice is full of grieve.

Which one should I believe?

My heart says you love me, but my mind says you’re gonna leave.

Which one should I believe?


Smiling on the outside
Treating others politely
Hurting from the inside
Suffering the pain quietly
My head’s in a constant battle
Of sane and insane rivalry
Smoking cigarette after cigarette
Drinking bottle after bottle
To avoid the voices in my head
That scream when I keep sobriety
Just to sleep at night
Gotta take like a dozen pills
Of different variety
Walking through the roads
Of a cold, haunting, twisted
And fucked up society
I struggle and scuffle as the
Dark water drag my legs,
Hauling me down
And I drown
In Anxiety.