Today matters.

Yesterday is tired now. It has gone into its room and switched off the lights. It’s quietly sleeping an endless sleep. Its work is over.

Today requires your attention. Go sit with it for a while. Make it feel a little better. Make it count.

There’s so much that I remember.

There’s so much that I remember.
So much that I want to forget.
So much that refuses to leave.
So much that destroys me.
So much that has become a part of me.
So much that has changed me.
So much that I carry along.
So much that I want to let out.
So much that I want to erase.
But there’s so much that I remember.

It’s my birthday 🎂

Well since it’s my birthday, I thought I’ll just share some things about me as I don’t usually reveal much about myself on this blog.

So my name is Aditya Mohan. I am from India and I live in the city of Chandigarh. And I just turned 23 today (I’m so oldddd)

I’m sort of an ambivert you can say. I have a small group of friends who are really close to me, and they know what a crazy person I am 😂 (Also people say I’m a really funny guy…like really hilarious!!!)

I love waffles a lot. Like they seem like this perfect blend of magical sweetness. It just brings me to life.

Stephen King is my all time favorite author. That man is a mad genius. You can read any book he has written and I’m sure you’ll become a fan instantly.

I love writing as I feel like I have a lot to express and writing is that bucket which I can keep filling with my emotions but it never overflows.

And lastly, I just like living life. I don’t carry high hopes or huge expectations from everything so little things which happen in my life put a smile on my face (like finding money in my old jean’s pockets)

Well I guess that’s all. That’s me. Young, dumb and broke 😂

Thank you everyone who supports this blog. It means a lot.

Okay bye.

Happy Diwali 🪔

A paradise of glowing lights
A golden day full of shining joy
A warm haven vanquishing the darkness
A thousand diyas smiling a glorious smile
A thousand heads bowing in prayer
Diwali is the most magical festival
It’s a celebration of victory of good over evil
It’s a celebration of happiness and prosperity
It’s a celebration of love and togetherness.

Distant parts of me.

All the distant parts of me stand firmly at crossroads.

A part of me wants to believe that everything happens for a reason.

A part of me knows that we live in utter chaos with no right way or direction.

A part of me hopes that enough empathy will change the world into an accepting place of togetherness.

A part of me is sure that cruelty has been so deeply merged within our hearts that no amout of love can save it from devastation.

History repeats itself.

History repeats itself over and over again.
A broken man sits in an empty room
with a bottle of beer in his hand,
lighting a cigarette in the dark,
writing about how the world killed his heart.
And another man reads his words
and cries because he feels the same.
And those tears give birth to another man,
who goes out and gets his heart broken by the world.
And then another man sits in an empty room
with a bottle of beer in his hand,
lighting a cigarette in the dark,
writing about how the world killed his heart.

It’s time to move on.

The old places are shedding
They’re rotten, they’re falling
The bricks are tired, they’re collapsing
The walls are worn off
The ceiling can’t hold its weight anymore
And there you are, beneath it all
Carrying its burden like Atlas
With weary muscles and bleeding veins,
you still hold on to it all.

Escape from that place
I understand you’ve shared a past with it
I understand it was once your home
But now it’s time to leave it behind
It’s time you let it rest
The ruination happened a long time ago
Let that place shatter peacefully
Let the hurtful memories fade with time
Give yourself a chance to heal
It’s time to move on.

Muddy water.

My reflection gently floats in muddy water
I stare in those eyes like a stranger
Dark circles telling me I’ve wasted my nights
An ocean can be built under my tears
I want to scream my heart out
But I’ve been lifeless for too long
The muddy water seems so similar
to all these distorted thoughts
I’ve been floating around aimlessly
Nobody wants to be my gravity
To pull me down from unknown voids
So I write myself some stories
Tell myself lies to survive
Convince myself that tranquility is possible
Then throw away the chapters in the fire
They’re as meaningless as this existence
My reflection gently floats in muddy water
I stare in those eyes like a stranger
Wishing to drown so deep down
That any ounce of brokenness in my body
Would melt and vanish
for eternity.


I’ve been pretending like everything’s steady
But lately everything feels so heavy
I’ve been travelling in dreadful circles
I’ve been through all this torment already
When will this pain ever stop?
When will I stop feeling lost?
When will I ever gain peace?
What misery is left to be crossed?
Diverge this dark train of thoughts
I try keeping myself busy
Playing loud music to silence the voices
That makes me regret all my choices
I look at old pictures to savour old memories
To travel in the past to relive those old stories
But then I look beside myself
What do I have left?
Except for a growing void in my chest
And a shadow named loneliness
I’ve lost it all to the mercilessness of time
Lost my youth, lost my prime
Lost a love that was never mine
Lost the stairs, lost the climb
I’m a firefly that lost it’s shine.

It’s time to fly.

Enough complaints
Enough blame games
Enough self-pity
Yeah things get shitty
But perfect life doesn’t exist
Media has cluttered our brains with mist
Social media portraying the highlight reel
Behind fake smiles exists truths unclear
The bubble you’re living in isn’t real
Get out of your comfort zone, time to deal
with all the problems you ignored
It’s time you choose the road
Time to put in some hard work
Time to follow your goals
Time to fight the demons
Time to climb from the lows
I know it’s tough and exhausting
Things don’t always go as planned
But we should give ourselves a change
And keep on trying till the end
Like a phoenix, rise from the ashes
It’s time to fly my friend.